Pizza Volante


Whenever I visit Baguio, as much as possible I try only the local restaurants than you can only see in Baguio. Pizza Volante is one of the must-visit home-grown restaurant in Baguio. It is considered as one of the best Italian restaurants in Baguio City.

Pizza Volante serves freshly made and delicious Pizza and Pasta dishes that has been known for years among local residents and tourists visiting Baguio City.


Pizza Marengo- Php182.00 -8 inch
Chunks of chicken breast sautéed with mushroom, onions and bell peppers. A recipe created by Napoleon’s chef at a small town on the Piedmont region of Italy.


Shrimp Pasta- Php119.00 -Regular
Tasty fresh shrimps, garlic, olice oil, tomatoes, wine and fragant spices makes the dish mouth watering.


Lentil Soup- Php65.00
A hearty and filling soup meal fortified with fresh vegetables and delicately seasoned with spices served with hot garlic bread.

I had a great time at Pizza Volante. It is a very nice place to dine even if you’re alone because the place is warm and laid back. This is a perfect place for budget travellers because the food they serve were satisfying and yet affordable.


Pizza Volante Restaurant
82 Session Rd.
Baguio City, Benguet
(074) 445-0777


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