Al Farsi Persian Grill


Al Farsi is a Persian Grill with a Filipino twist. IF you’re craving for delectable Greek, Mediterranean, Indian, or Middle Eastern cuisines, you can never go wrong with Al Farsi Persian Grill Kebab. But if you just want to try these dishes out of curiosity, there is no reason to worry that your money will go to waste.

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Al Farsi’s bestsellers are kebab, kheema, and shawarma. Kheema, a South Asian meat dish which originally means minced meat, is used in Al Farsi as a topping for its thin crust and cheesy pizza.

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The Kheema pie really stood out for me. The crust is very thin but you can still taste it. The toppings were heavenly delicious, creamy and cheesy. The play of colors of the ingredients makes the Kheema pie more appetizing. This is the first time for me to try a Kheema pie and I loved it.


Kheema Pie- Php175.00

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To complete our Persian grill dining experience, I decided to try their beef kebab and chicken kebab for my wife. The best way to enjoy their kebab is by adding some flavor to it with their four different kinds of yogurt-based garlic sauces, which make the iconic dish more savory. You can choose from the garlic-original, garlic-cheese, garlic-herb, and garlic-pepper.


Beef Kebab- Php.90.00
A serving of specially grilled ground beef seasoned with special blend


Chicken Kebab- Php90.00
A serving of specially grilled ground chicken seasoned with special blend


We will definitely go back to Al Farsi. 🙂


Al Farsi Persian Grill
#123 V. Luna Extension,
Maginhawa Street, Quezon City


5 thoughts on “Al Farsi Persian Grill

  1. Hi sir! Good day! Im Jumel, owner of Alfarsi. Thank you very much for writing this blog. We truly appreciate it. Appreciation from our customers is already enough, but writing a positive blog/writeup/review is really heartwarming. “Nakakataba po ng puso”. Godbless you and more power! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi,
    We went to Maginhawa hoping to dine at Al Farsi but we were not able to find it. We have reach near Gayuma ni Maria looking for the place. I wanna know what are it’s neihbour restos? Maybe it can help us find it. Thank you.



      1. I knew it! I have dine at Gayuma before and thought that there’s no Alfarsi like resto near it.. shoot! We’re so almost there! T3T

        Big tnx! Now my mind is at ease.. ^__^ so happy to know


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