Gerry’s Jeepney serves Filipino food: Boodle Fight Style. They serve everything Filipino, from inihaw, to sisig, to binagoongang lechon kawali to their very own leche flan. This restaurant is good for group dates.



The signboards are really catchy. Those are what riders usually see inside the jeep. My favorite is “Ang maganda sa kanan. Ang cute sa kaliwa. Ang sexy sa harapan. Ang pangit wala ng upuan kung pwede sabit na lang”. I wonder if jeepney drivers really implement that.

10592620_10202826292247620_1211759878786412373_n 10801663_10202826291927612_5829215618906761144_n 10410317_10202826292607629_7170516608858292286_n 10383684_10202826292007614_5765006204695576795_n 10384684_10202826290607579_1109837231998664983_n1467236_10202826291567603_7316016734952131295_n

10610800_10202826286407474_452469342910163845_n 10438138_10202826286727482_3933699211563302226_n

Here’s our food! 🙂


10805688_10202826290367573_4185873938958167787_n 10649843_10202826289047540_5499043467639802574_n 10609583_10202826288647530_7844256862258037316_n 10414551_10202826289247545_5263173739120933611_n


It was a great gastronomic experience like a jeepney ride. So, visit their restaurant TODAY at 154D Maginhawa St. to enjoy Filipino Food, boodle fight style. Sakay na!


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