10624913_10202544446041641_8553814022437615239_n 10616479_10202544441641531_8843234989299320672_n 10665719_10202544441881537_3978630742715475153_n

A lot of people are curious as to why the “Mooon” for Mooon Cafe is spelled with three Os instead of the usual two. Some thought that the three 0s are three phases of the moon. But actually, if you ask those who have supported Mooon since it first opened in an unassuming neighborhood in Guadalupe, Cebu City, they would simply answer that the three Os represent the three original artist-owners of the restaurant. Through the years, Cebuanos have grown familiar with Mooon Cafe and have witnessed its rise and fall, and how it rose again in 2007.


Spaghetti ala Mooon


Bacon & Mushroom Pizza


Me & my wife enjoying the food at Mooon Cafe.


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